NF Bike Boost & Clean


  • Treats 1 motorcycle tank (5 litres to 20 litres)
  • Instantly increases octane rating by 5 RON
  • Great for all bikes, quads, wet bikes, jet skis, boats etc
  • Excellent results in 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines
  • Eliminates detonation / knocking / pinging / pinking
  • Boosts power & restores lost performance and acceleration
  • Reduces hesitations & engine temperatures
  • Cleans injectors, intake valves and carburettors
  • Breaks down carbon deposits which increase detonation and pinging problems
  • Contains specially formulated cleaners keeping the entire fuel system clean
  • Safe for oxygen sensors & catalytic converters
  • Child Proof Cap
  • Non-Flammable


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