NF CVT & ATF Treatment


  • Reduces transmission wear & tear
  • Increases transmission life & fuel economy
  • Reduces shudder in push belt & chain CVT transmissions
  • Reconditions seals for better leak protection
  • Increases torque capacity
  • Treats 5 litres of engine oil
  • Non-Flammable

NF CVT & ATF Treatment increases transmission life whilst reducing wear & tear and is an anti-shudder protector for Push Belt and Chain CVT transmissions. Transmission fluids are subjected to some of the highest temperatures and loads in vehicles, yet for the most part they are neglected. Ordinary transmission fluids break down easily in these conditions leading to vibration, hesitation, slipping, leakage, over-heating and premature failure of transmission. NF premium fully synthetic CVT & ATF treatment has been specifically formulated to be a transmission fluid that exceeds performance requirements allowing the driver to enjoy optimum fuel economy and driving pleasure.


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